Design Learning at the Design Museum

On this page you can find out more about design learning and the team at the Design Museum.  This includes articles on design education based on the museum’s learning programmes and history.  You’ll also find the Design Museum’s Learning Policy which guides our work at the current Design Museum and which we’ve used to plan how learning will develop for the new Design Museum in Kensington in 2016.  You can meet the faces behind the blog and learning at the Design Museum in the biographies of the Learning Team and the Learning Committee below too.  We’ll be sharing more ideas and inspirations about design learning and about our journey towards the new Design Museum here as the Designerly Learning blog continues.

Design Museum Learning Policy

The Design Museum’s Learning Policy covers the transition period at the current Design Museum through to the new Design Museum at Kensington.  It outlines our vision and values, the aims for learning at the Design Museum and our strategic objectives.

Design Museum Learning Policy

Articles about Design Learning

Here are two articles explaining the thinking behind our approach to learning at the Design Museum.

Designing Learning at the Design Museum by Helen Charman

This article was commissioned for engage journal.  It was first published in engage journal 28: The New and Renewed Museum, 2011, ed. K Raney, engage, London, ISSN 1365-9383,

Design Learning Designerly Learning: Workshops for schools at the Design Museum

Reproduced by kind permission of Design and Technology: an international journal (available online shop

Meet the Design Museum’s Learning Team

and Learning Committee

Biographies of the Design Museum’s Learning Team and the Design Museum’s Learning Committee which is chaired by Sir Christopher Frayling.

Design Museum Learning Team biographies

Design Museum Learning Committee biographies

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