An outside perspective – my work experience

Picture of Lauren in work experience

Lauren with one of the museum’s exhibits.

My name is Lauren, and this week I’ve proudly been experiencing the general day to day jobs within the Design Museum.   As a work experience student, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect to do when coming to work in a museum. It has been such an eye-opener being able to explore all the jobs that are vital to the museums running.

How did they get here?

I have been introduced to a number of staff that have shared their career paths and personal journeys that have brought them to work within the Design Museum. These roles have ranged from the head curator to visitor experience, and have all offered me a further insight into the potential future opportunities I could have. The variety of jobs people had before starting here showed me how careers aren’t necessarily straight forward, which interested me because it put my own life into perspective.

I have never seen before what it takes to run a museum and how much time and effort has to be put into maintaining its high standards. Now I have been shown around all the areas not usually accessible to the public, and shown areas that you wouldn’t necessarily link with museums such as Volunteering and Human Resources. Luckily for me, I came at a time when the Designers in Residence program was running and so I had the opportunity of working with Hefin Jones.  Hefin specialises in social design. I attended the Get Into workshop with Hefin in which young people designed things to surprise visitors and was also able to see the final outcomes of the project that they’d made. I really enjoyed this.

Sparking an interest

The fact that the museum is about design thoroughly enticed me to apply to do work experience here. As an aspiring makeup artist, the area of design gave me so many new ideas and sparked a new personal interest. The word itself has such an extensive range of definitions, giving me an equally extensive list of careers that I could pursue. Tasks I have been set by members of staff have allowed me to delve into what they do specifically.

An example of this is product research. Simply by taking a photograph of a prospective exhibit, that we know nothing about, doing some research we can find out anything and everything about one object. At my desk I looked into a machine that looked almost like a torch with a television screen. Weird right? Then upon inputting the picture into Google search and looking through some archived files, turns out that that particular model is the first ever portable television made by Sony, now worth hundreds of pounds. Who would have thought! This was influential and above all exciting to say the least, and was just one of many tasks I was able to take part in. it is definitely an experience I recommend for others to get involved in.

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