Design and Wellbeing

What do Human Experience design and John Ruskin’s adage that design should unite ‘the head, the hand and the heart’ have in common?  They are both sources of inspiration for the Design and Wellbeing Curriculum that we are currently developing for the Design Museum Kensington as part of the Museum Association’s (MA) Transformers programme  They […]

Opening up opportunities for young people

The Creative Interpreters Volunteer Programme How can young people get more involved with the Design Museum and develop skills?  I’d like to share the Creative Interpreters Volunteer Programme with you. Every year we offer three young people aged 18-24 the opportunity to work with the Learning Team to support the Young Peoples’ Programme.  From October to March, these volunteers work together […]

Learning to involve volunteers

Involving volunteers in the museum’s work benefits visitors, volunteers and the organisation alike.  Our committed volunteers are some of our most effective advocates and help the museum open up the world of design to visitors The museum’s award of HLF funding, and my appointment as Volunteer and Community Development Manager, has given us the impetus to explore new ways of involving […]

Online Design Thinking

The Design Ventura team (a subset of our learning team) have been looking at ways to use technology to increase the reach of the programme. The maturation of online conferencing tools, our new website and the forthcoming move to Design Museum, Kensington make this an interesting time to explore possibilities. Design Ventura Design Ventura is […]

Design Week in Beirut

My recent holiday to Lebanon had a serendipitous design connection – coinciding with Beirut Design Week.  At the Design Museum we’re thinking about how the Design Museum in Kensington can showcase design practice and support and inspire public engagement with design.   Beirut Design Week was a great way to explore these ideas in another city. This […]

Audience Day at the Design Museum

Why Audience Day? The Design Museum is moving to a new home. It’s a complicated, multilayered process involving museum staff, designers, architects, consultants, project managers, developers, volunteers and partners. Not to mention several millions of pounds. With an enormous, once-in-a-lifetime project of this scale and complexity, it is perfectly possible to put your head down […]

Listening and learning: Audience Consultation

Over the last six months, 119 people have taken part in our wide ranging audience consultation on subjects ranging from exhibitions to websites to learning.   Rhiannon Green and I have been leading on this process, which has already made real changes to the museum – and there is more to come. Current audience research tells […]